How do I configure TL-WA501G/ TL-WA601G to Point to Point Bridge mode?

Definition: In Wi-Fi networking, Bridge mode allows two or more wireless access points (APs) to communicate with each for the purpose of joining multiple LANs.

Some wireless bridges support only a single point-to-point connection to another AP. Others support point-to-multipoint connections to several other APs. This article is about to setup Point to Point Bridge.


1. You need configure both of your two wireless access points (TL-WA501G/TL-WA601G) to Bridge mode by following below steps in order to setup a Bridge mode based wireless network.

2. Before the configuration, please check and write down the Wireless MAC Address of the Access Points.

In the bottom of the device, there is a label with the MAC address printed.

Configuring the access point (TL-WA501G/TL-WA601G)

Step 1 Connect your computer to TL-WA501G/TL-WA601G, and then log into the Web-based Utility by entering the IP address into Web Browser.

If you can not log into the Web-based Utility, please follow the instruction How do I log into the Web-based Utility of TL-WA501G/TL-WA601G for a try.

Step 2 Change the LAN IP address of the access point (TL-WA501G/TL-WA601G) to avoid IP conflict if necessary. This is due to your own network, please refer to Why & How do I change the IP address of TL-WA501G/TL-WA601G for some detailed information.

After changed the IP address of your access point, you need re-log into it by using the new IP address. And please note that the IP addresses of the two access points can not be the same in your network.

Step 3 Configure your TL-WA501G/TL-WA601G to Point to Point Bridge mode.

1. Click Wireless -> Wireless Mode on the left, select Bridge (Point to Point). And then enter the MAC address of the other access point (TL-WA501G/TL-WA601G) which you want to connect into the MAC of AP box.

Note: Very two numbers should be separated by the character ‘-‘, and please enter the correct MAC address of another access point which you want to connect into the box, otherwise, the wireless connection will be can not set up.

2. After done the configuration, enable Reboot and click on Save, the

settings will take effect after the device reboot.

After done the below procedure in both of the two wireless access

point (TL-WA501G/TL-WA601G), the Bridge mode based wireless

connection will be setup successfully.

Additional information:

There is an option called With AP Mode in the setting page, if you enable it, the access point (TL-WA501G/TL-WA601G) also can work in AP mode at the same time when it had been configured to Bridge mode. This means that you can connect other wireless clients to this access point when it had been configured to Bridge mode.

And if you do not enable it, you can not connect any wireless client to this access point when it had been configured to Bridge mode.


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